Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wine Progress & Labels

I checked in on the fermenting wine today - since skydiving was cancelled.
SanG - slow burn
Cab S - slow burn
SZ - active
Cab F - most active
Merlot - active
Pinot N - active

I changed out the airlocks on the remaining drums too and had a little taste. The airlock bung makes the wine it's in contact with bitter, but this should be lost in the grande scheme of things.

The Cab F was very fruity - lavender-ish. Still a noticeable sugar in it, which is why it's the most active.

Merlot was raw. This needs to mellow out. We don't have that much of it either, but with what we pressed out we may be able to swing a barrel of Merlot if what we've pressed out satisfies the Bordeaux blend.

Next Wednesday we see Kim again. She has some images for us. I don't know what to expect, but am excited about it. I want this bit done as I've got ideas for a sign to put over the winery entrance, but I need the script and image to do that.

Next buzz of activity in the winery will be decanting, or racking. This will be on/around the December Full Moon. We'll do it all then so we get the timing right on transfer to barrels. Transfers to barrels is officially out of production. Need to look on the tax liability at that point too - on a FED level.

Labels - not wine labels though. Reading through a fair bit of stuff has produced the following list of things we are classified as...
a) Garagistas
b) Border radicals
c) Cultural Creatives
d) Activists (in the fair trade arena)
I got d) whilst browsing on the net and seeing where Via Vecchia Winery's blog was coming up on searches and there it was, under "Activists", sub-category "Fair-Trade".

There's also a blog about decks and patios. For one of their posts they ripped off a section of this blog's post, with no ownership accreditation! I think that blog is a robot in that it's an advertising machine that looks like it has a human blogger maintaining it, whereas it just crawls the blogosphere and copies what other people are posting about blogs. And why did we end up on it? Well , I mention the Mower - DECK in the We Stomped blog and that got us onto the patio and deck blog.

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Mike Duffy said...

Hi there.

Nice to see another winery blog. Do you have a Web site to go with it?

Best regards,
Mike Duffy
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PS - do you know the folks at Kinkead Ridge?